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New Grandsons(8-20-04)

Calving is the current activity on the FARM.

While the cows do a lot of the work,  we make sure the calves hit the ground running, then we Tag them with a number in the ear and band the bull calves to make them a STEER

I know some of you are aware that my BOSS (Judy) has convinced me to shift our production of cattle to BLACK and Black with white faces.  The buyers just go crazy when the black feeder calves show up. Many times they will pay .10 to .15 cents per pound more for the blacks. Since we have developed a great meat producing  crossbred herd during the last nine years, we are primarily converting over by breeding my mixed cows to black bulls.  We will be purchasing 5 or 6 new  black cows with calves at their side this spring and breed back for next year with our bulls. ( That's probably more than you wanted to know, but those 35 years of managing people have taught us you have to be flexable. The customer is always right, even if those crossbreds look just the same as the black cattle under their hides) 

2 day old heifer calf
She's tagged and ready to spend her life at GORDEN FARMS.
She looks just like her mother 

What a life!

We had four of these born between two snow storms. I believe we had excellent timing with our breeding program for spring calves. What do you think??

Let's go to the barn.

There's a storm moving in tonight.  These calves are less than 12 hours old and we were in store for a 12 inch snow storm.

two black heifer calves and their mothers.

This is another calf that we brought in between storms

She likes it in the barn.

We love it!!